Saturday, September 13, 2014

a story of transformation

Last Sunday, we had the privilege of watching four dear people take the step of faith to get baptized.

Each of the four of them have a special story of how God has been working in their lives.

Today, I want to share about Ian and his father Eduardo. I remember the first time they visited our church. Eduardo and Betsebe's littlest son, two years old Flabio, ran right up the aisle to the front of the church and stood there. He was a tiny, brown-haired, bright-eyed little guy. Soon someone came to get him. It was his father, Eduardo. He smiled, with a little wince of embarrassment for having to walk up to the front of the church to get his son. It never fails that each week either Eduardo or his eldest son, Ian, are running after Flabio.

It was hard to get to know Betsebe because she always stayed in her place, didn't talk to anyone and generally seemed sad. Week after week, we would say hi and give her a hug and wait for her to open up a bit. With patience we learned that she has a hearing problem. Her difficulties had never been properly treated by a doctor and it was causing a great deal of strain and anger in her life, marriage and family. She didn't seem to want help. So we prayed for her.

We watched as Eduardo and Ian both began serving in the church. Ian seemed the opposite of his mother, always showing a smile and having an available word of conversation with those around him. God was working. One day we had a special visitor at our church, someone who works with hearing impaired people. She was able to help Betsebe with some hearing aids. From that time Betsebe started opening up a little more. She started to smile a little more. And then something special happened. She gave her life to the Lord. We are still praying that she finds the healing and peace that come through Christ. Praise God. And last week Eduardo and Ian got baptized!

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