Friday, June 22, 2012

June update- Cusco construction project, our move to Chile and ....

Greetings! Here we are in Cusco for two final weeks before our official move to Santiago, Chile. We are eager to share with you a few updates, especially about the land!

LAND - The paperwork is almost done and we should be able to sign this Saturday, June 23rd!
We have separated the project into 3 phases, which helps us see our progress a little clearer.  Phase 1 includes the land purchase and all fees associated.  We have reached 78% of this goal! We only need approx $8000 to complete phase 1. Phase 2 is from breaking ground until the completion of the initial building with two floors. This will allow us to move the church permanently to the new location and leave the old one. Our goal is to have this phase completed by the end of 2012. Phase 3 is for additional 1-2 floors with classrooms, room for mission teams, the terrace and an apartment for the temple guards (those who live on site to take care of the property, something necessary and common in S. America). Pray for God’s protection and wisdom through this process. Also pray about how you can help us reach our goals for the construction project!

TEAMS- We recently received a mission team from Crossroads Church in California. Almost every person on the team was on their first ever cross-cultural outreach trip. We were blessed to see them embrace the culture and the people as well as all the activities we had them involved in. It was a beautiful thing.  Next week, we receive another team from Christ’s Church of the Valley in California. We are looking forward to receiving them and introducing them to this wonderful place. A few of the team members came last year; it encourages us that Peru would be in their hearts to cause them to return yet again this year!

OUR MOVE- We have been In Cusco since mid-May, living in a temporary apartment, since we left our house and got rid of all our belongings at the beginning of May. The reality of our move is setting in and it brings us sadness as well as relief. In just this last month, Tracie has had some pretty rough days; with several episodes of corneal erosion, infection and pain. But in spite of it all, we are sad to be leaving this beautiful place that we have called home for nearly seven years, for our entire marriage so far.  We will miss the kind people of Cusco, who have placed seeds of love and compassion deep within our hearts. God gives us peace because part of our hearts will remain behind and will never leave. Thank you so much for praying for us!
But we are thankful that we aren’t leaving and never coming back.  Ricky will be back often to continue strengthening leadership, ministries and oversee the construction. Cusco will remain a main focus of our ministry indefinitely. I will come with the kids when we are able, most likely at the end of November for a short trip, for the medical clinic and Christmas celebrations with the church.

TRIP TO THE STATES -Within days of our leaving Cusco, we will be heading to the United States for about 4 weeks (from July 12th to Aug 10th). It will be such a short trip, but a good one!  We have many things to share with you about what God has been doing in Cusco and to share our future ministry goals in Chile and continued support ministry in Cusco. We are also thrilled to be going because my little brother is getting married!
Please write to us and let us know if you like to get together. We would love to see you! With God’s grace and peace, we pray the same for each of you,

Ricardo, Tracie, Isabella and Milan
IberoAmerican Minsitries. PO Box 1493, Monroe, WA 98272 Please send donations for Iberoamerican Ministries and direct the donation toward the “Olivares Ministry” or                “Olivares Cusco Land/Construction project”

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