Saturday, September 30, 2006

not again

so i've got to go back to the dentist again.

i overcame (for the most part) my fear of seeing a foreign dentist... a fear which stemmed from all the stories about false dimplomas or licenses. "Doctors" who really have no idea what they are doing....treating trusting patients, cheating them out of their money and good health. Nearly ending lives and then running from court subpoenas.

But with each passing visit, i detest more and more the injection of anesthesia.

Anyway, I have to go back because when i broke my molar last april the dentist didn't properly fill the tooth, so all this time i've had pain and sensitivity, and have been unable to chew on one side. i wasn't planning on going back but here's what happened. Ricky needed some work done, so i met him at the dentist office and was waiting in the bar (which i'll expain). apparently while ricky was finishing up, he told the dentist about my problem and so the dentist called me in when ricky came out! i was appalled because i really didn't want to go back to the chair. the worst part is that he couldn't just fix the problem, he had to remove the filling and re-fill it with a temporary paste, which i still have to go back to have removed again and filled permanently.

Our dentist office in peru has a bar in the waiting room, where free drinks of all kinds are served to patients. I suppose the idea of having a bar in your dentist office isn't too bad, since it's to relax the patients and give them some sort of motivation for even going in the first place, right? But as for me, i would prefer anything over having a long needle shoved into my cheek and gums.

I was supposed to go back today...but i didn't show. maybe monday.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here's the room that we are going to rent for ministry in San Marcos.

Yesterday work began on the ceiling. Right now there are just wood floorboards from the 2nd floor, which have large gaps in them so it's possible to see through to the upstairs. Once the ceiling is done, the adobe walls will be fixed and painted, and finally the dirt floor will be torn up, and then cement will be laid.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

our trip to Arica, Chile

Here we are in Arica, celebrating the independence of Chile. They say that it is eternal spring in Arica... and so of course the weather was beautiful; windy and warm mixed with the salty ocean air. It's been months since we've seen the ocean, so it was a really nice change to the mountains of Cusco.

We ate yummy empanadas and lots of other typical chilean food. I don't remember how many empanadas we ate the first day, but I already miss them! This picture is of the empanadas lined up on the bbq, along with other grilled meats.

The place we celebrated was at a "fonda" a big community fair, that has tons of food, games, prizes and people. This picture is of the fonda the day we arrived, there aren't a lot of people because it was early afternoon. We returned at night and it was packed.

This picture is of the fonda but from above. We climbed to the top of the "morro" and looked over the cliff. The ocean view was incredible from there. It was definitely worth the climb.

Finally, here's a nice view... enjoy!

Friday, September 22, 2006

la boda cusqueña

Our friend Luis got married last week. There were about 50 guests that attended the simple civil ceremony. We were honored to be invited and had a great time at the reception, with food, lots of dancing and good conversation with new friends.

The kids here are family of the bride and groom. The little girl is Mel, she is Alex and Zoraida's daughter. She is such a sweetie.

Luis is Zoraida's younger brother. Zoraida and her husband Alex are friends of ours, they were some of the first we met when we arrived to Cusco in January. Zoraida and Luis are Christians, or at least have come from a Christian family. They both walked away from the Lord many years ago, but in the last several months have decided to return and walk with God. Alex isn't a believer yet, but he comes over for Bible study sometimes, and askes really good questions. He wants a change in his life, but so far the pull of the world has been stronger than his desire to follow God. Luis' new wife Sheyla isn't a believer either, she has never come over to our house, but we are praying for her. And if Luis really wants to follow Christ, I know he will be a good influence on his wife.

the dead end street surprise

A parade passed by our house un expectedly. These traditional costumes represent drunk men... paying homage to the virgen maria. It was pretty silly...especially because we live at a dead end, so they got to the end and had to turn around.

This young boy participated in the parade... note the beer bottle in his hand... The catholics in Cusco are well known here for loving to drink, especially during religious festivals..and they like to drink a lot.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Vitto seems so innocent doesn't he...

look at those eyes...that face...

it's all a disguise

He is really cute and sweet, but he is entirely dependent upon human affection. And if he is not satisfied with the amount of appreciation he receives, he has no problem with destroying anything he can find. See what he has in his paws? That used to be a soccer ball.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

para ti claudio

cuñado mio, aqui esta la foto que me encanta... les echamos de menos y esperamos verles pronto.

feliz dieciocho! Come muchas empanadas y choripanes en memoria de nosotros

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i want you to love them too

it reminds me of the movie Bruce Almighty when he says, love meeeee... loooove me! LOVE ME!

..a matter of will. But with the kids in San Marcos, I feel like there is no will involved, i just love them SO much. Even on the days when Rodrigo's a.d.d. is acting up, or when Alvaro comes with a snotty nose....again, or when Juan Marcos comes proudly holding a dead rat by the tail, or when Cristian is picking fights.

It actually makes me love them more.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the train ride

The train left the station at 5:45 am from Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of the ruines of Machu Picchu. We traveled for a few hours to the ancient town of Ollantaytambo, where we had breakfast, then traveled on for a few more hours to reach the city of Cusco.

The view from the train was incredible. Gabriel and I fought the urge to sleep, and enjoyed the many kilometers of farmlands hugged right up against the Andes. The glaciers were enormous and the camera was just too small to capture what it was like in person.

moscas en ollantaytambo

...flies...lots of them

Happy Anniversary Ricardo!

On Sept 3rd we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. This past year has been difficult and amazing. Difficult in that we have gone through so much change and adjusting... to language, culture, and man-woman differences, plus moving to a new city in a foreign country, making new friends, being far from family, beginning a new ministry... it hasn't all been roses and poetry. But I wouldn't change it for anything. We have grown, and are growing, closer every day. We will continue getting to know each other for the rest of our lives. Some people had told us that it would be better/easier to wait a few years to go out on the missions field after we get married. I suppose that would have been easier...but better I don't think so. I can't imagine NOT being in Cusco at this time of our lives. I can't imagine the people we have had the privelage of sharing the gospel with NOT hearing it for a few more years. Of course, God doesn't need us to do His work, but he graciously allows us to be busy about His business. It has been amazing beginning life with this amazing man.. he inspires me and loves to make me laugh. We spend 99% of our time together, and i love it. He loves me well. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

I am looking forward to many more anniversaries to come, and many more years of being about God's business

going for a stroll

my lovely husband with my little brothers

i love ice cream

Here we are with the missions team

Saturday, September 09, 2006

very possibly the weirdest news story of the year

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having 'relations' with the animal.

They ordered the man to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50) to the owner. far as we know they are still together," Mr Alifi said.

Mr Alifi called elders to decide how to deal with the case. "They said I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife," Mr Alifi told the newspaper.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

amy's little friend

it started out very simply... he began following her around the corner from our house...

...he kept the pace, dodging a few cars, just to keep up.

he patiently waited for her outside the post office, taking a nap on the sidewalk. Then when we walked by he began again.

i think that was when she fell in love. and he did too. a few blocks later, he started leading the way...but always checking behind him to make sure Amy was following.

he turned the corner and continued with us for another 3-4 blocks before he got distracted with some food and then got lost in the crowd. Amy kept looking behind her...and sadly we did not see him again, so we fondly gave him the name, "churro".

Friday, September 01, 2006

Enjoying the view with some peruvians and an alpaca

Libertad Missions Team -Santiago, Chile -August 11-21

the kids loved the puppets so much. It was really neat to watch the parents of these kids watching their children having such a good time.
The seeds we planted here may not bear fruit right away, but I know that some life long memories have been created...and some of these children and their parents will receive and heed the call from the Lord to follow Him.

There were others who heeded that call during the time we were there. We visited some of these people when the team was here. Now, the team has returned to Santiago....and we stay to continue visiting, encouraging and following up with those who raised their hands and prayed with us to accept and follow Christ.

This last picture shows the response from one of the presentations. It was really encouraging to see men and woman alike coming forward to pray. There were others who immediately walked away as soon as the invitation started. We are not discouraged because all are called, but only a few will answer that call.

the fam

Here we are at machu picchu.. The first few hours of the morning were cloudy and the landscape here was covered by clouds. I'll put some others where you can really see how beautiful this place is!