Tuesday, August 30, 2016

praise report from Cusco

Praise report from Cusco!
Giving God the glory for the awesome news coming from Cusco! Jorge and Janet along with some brothers from the original church plant in San Blas (previously known as San Marcos) have been doing outreach in Tambomachay (there is a village in the area of this ancient Incan archaeological site). Some of the locals have gifted Jorge and the church a meeting place! No matter what the enemy has tried to do, God's Word lasts forever!
Also it is encouraging to share that Jorge and his family have been able to grow special relationships with believers from different parts of the world. Some had gone for vacation and saw the need for Christ there and saw the work that Jorge and the church were doing. And the started taking teams and providing classes among other things. We, Ricky and I, are blessed beyond words because we cannot be there physically but God has raised up other people around them who LOVE them and the Cusco church and who have invested time and finances in their work.
It was always our goal as missionaries to plant a church at the grassroots level, to raise up local leadership and hand the church over to them in time. God's timing brought us out of Peru earlier than we had planned. We hadn't gotten to build the church building yet! And we were nervous.. like parents who see their kids go off to college and you just hope that you did your best and entrust the rest to the Holy Spirit. We are blessed that the Holy Spirit keeps moving, multiplying disciples and that the local church is taking the gospel to the nearby villages and who know where the Holy Spirit will lead after.
Jorge and the church need all our prayers and support. We don't know what God has planned with the land, but there is a team going in Sept/Oct with the plan of starting the first phase of building the retaining wall. The fact of the matter is that God doesn't need buildings to spread His kingdom! Of course it will be a huge blessing to have one, but just look what God is already doing. All the glory and honor go to the King!

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