Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

current news from Peru

Puno people mobilizing against Inambari dam project

According to several reports and articles printed by regional press, the upcoming construction of a massive hydroelectric central in Inambari (Puno) is causing great concern, distress and distrust among the people.
The dam is supposed to create a lake of 412 km2, and 220mts. high, which means that more than 60 little villages, plus roads, production, flora and fauna would be covered by 200 mts. of water, as well as the towns of Lechemayo, Loromayo, and Puerto Manoa.
The polemic and anger among the population increases day by day since this project, which is being developed in a 1,700km2 territory granted in concession to Brasil, would reportedly benefit directly Brazil (particularly the states of Acre, Rondonia, Amazonas and Mato Grosso) rather than Peru.
“Peru will use only a 20% of the energy produced by the 5 hydroelectric centrals that we are to finance in that country,” said Brazil's Energy Minister, Edison Lobao a couple weeks ago to Reuters.
Puno people, who has not been consulted about this, are currently organizing to ask for information and explanations about this project, but the lack of responses from congressmen and related authorities is likely to generate popular protests soon, according to more regional media reports.
The works, which will reportedly cost US $15 billion dollars, will be financed by EletrobrĂ¡s and Brazilian National Bank of Social and Economic Developmen (BNDS).
When will the Peruvian people stop having reason for protest?
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Friday, August 21, 2009

July and August in the USA

As I sit down to write I am constantly interrupted with different things. Getting quiet time for even posting a few photos has become a rare occurance these days. After a few days of trying to write and finish this entry, I am finally posting it!

We spent a wonderful month up in the Northwest, visiting supporters, friends and spending lots of time with family. Isabella just loved being with her cousins Maddy and Trinny (who she calls, Mammy and Ninny). She learned all sorts of new and interesting words this last month. My two favorites are watermelon and blueberry. I think she would live on a blueberry diet if I'd let her. My parents have 2 blueberry bushes and a bunch of strawberry bushes at their house, so every day Isa would go search for berries. Her new favorite pasttime.

We will miss dearly everyone, especially our immediate family. Soon I will post photos of all the good meals and good times. We were there during a heat wave, so most of our time was spent at in the pool, at the river, at the beach, camping, or just in front of a fan.

It was hard to say goodbye. but we still have lots planned now that we are in California. It's been quite busy since we've been back. I'm constantly being refreshed and then yet again drained after our wonderful and long days.

Pregnancy is going well. I am 17 weeks along. Finally feeling the baby move and kick. This baby is quite low in comparison to my pregnancy with Isa. Which brings it's own types of challenges, that I wont share here.. hehe. And it's a challenge resting with a toddler running around. But it is a wonderful joy that we cherish every moment of. Ricky is loving it just as much as I am. We are excited to just have the baby already in our arms!

I will close with a promise to add some new photos of our recent travels. Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We receive reports from Cusco each week from Jorge, Cristian and Karla. We are very pleased with the work they are doing. Pray for them, for the church and for its continued spiritual growth. The kids in Cusco are doing well. I miss them! Isabella loves watching our video because she sees and recognizes her Peruvian friends from back home.

With love from all of us,
Tracie, Ricky, Isabella, and baby