Thursday, January 29, 2009

Isabella is 12 months and doesn't walk yet. but she's getting closer. I think she finds that crawling is a much faster, and safer, method of transportation. We have so many hard floors here, so her falls hurt more. she avoids falling. She is such an active little girl, she climbs on all the furnature and up the stairs and gets into all the cupboards and drawers. We've been staying with Ricky's parents since Christmas. Their house isn't baby proofed so I'm always running after Isabella as she tries to escape outside or climb into the tub.
She began saying some words over the last few months, but now things are getting clearer. The other day we were asking her where all the people were, by name. When we asked where is Peter (her grandpa) she said, Ahi esta (there he is in Spanish). She's said this before, but this time it came out very clearly. She understands both English and Spanish, and can respond certain things in both languages, although she understands more in English than in Spanish because I work with her on English all the time.
A wonderful thing happened the other night. After one year of night wakings, Isabella finally started sleeping through the night. 10 hours straight. Thank you LORD!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Isabella's post-birthday party sugar high hangover

this was taken Jan. 11th, the morning after her birthday party...
as you can see, she didn't wake up with the birds, nor when Ricky and I got up... she suffered her first sugar-high hangover


Monday, January 12, 2009

Isabella's first party

waiting for the guests to arrive and trying to keep cool in a nice and breezy spot

gosh i thought i was on vacation from being "Tia Tracie". here i am playing some of our kids ministry games with the girls

at the table... sofia looks a little bored! she woke up after eating some sugar... mesmerizing
this is Isabella's "Oooh" face

we helped her blow out the candles
she had fun mushing her cupcake before eating

these are the ladybug cupcakes i made (i guess martha stewart isn't that bad after all! they were her idea)

with piƱata of course... but there was no stick to hit it with... i had to pull this little string which was supposed to rip open the bottem (i guess they decided that baseball bats and broom handles were too dangerous). It didn't work though and i just had to rip it open by hand
a few "big kids" in the mix.. i guess they thought it was too much candy for just 4 little girls...
finally after getting washed up
with the adults later was our turn to eat something

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a special birthday girl

!Happy First Birthday!
Isabella Amaia

with mommy
with daddy... i love those toes
our little birthday princess
the typical "ooh" face
the getaway