Saturday, June 14, 2008

it's cold!!!

The temperature is reading 45 degrees right now, at 8:30pm. I'm wearing a scarf inside. I have Isabella sleeping in 2 onsies (one short and one long-sleeve), her pj's with tights underneath, and a night shirt over top. AND she's wearing a beanie... to bed. I read a lot that says don't over bundle your baby for bed, but there's really no other choice. On nights like this she sleeps better when she's warm. Side Note: we have no heating system in our house. Plus, our home is made of concrete brick, it's FREEZING indoors! Days like this I wish we were in the U.S. where it is always nice and roasty toasty warm inside.

Thankfully not every night is like this. And it warms up pretty early in the morning.

I wish this photo was true all the time. But the truth is, Isabella is not a good napper. She will sleep maybe 40 minutes to an hour, a few times a day.. if we're lucky. She was sleeping well at night. But just about a week ago, she starting acting like she is teething. And not going to sleep on her own anymore. Plus she'll wake up in the middle of the night (and have to nurse to get back to sleep). Whatever happened to only waking me up for a 3-4am feeding, don't know. I think she really wants to sleep in bed with us, cause she woke up at 5:30am after eating at 4am, cried until I put her in bed with me. Mind you, our beds are the size of a double. There is no queen size here. We don't fit. Nor do I want her to sleep in bed with us. but at 5:30am I am so tired that it's just easier to put her in bed and get a few more hours of sleep. I need to change in order for her to change. Any ideas anyone?

oh baby

5 Months old... already! Isa is such a sweet natured baby. We love her!!

She loves to jump! I am getting quite a work out holding her while she does it... she must weigh near 18 pounds.

Funny faces by Isabella Olivares: This is the look that makes us laugh!

this one, ado(red), supporting the (red) cause...

and this one, our little titere...

but this one is the best, with a face full of drool...

Monday, June 09, 2008

monkey on the rodrigo bars...

"Mira Tia..."

Hanging out in the park before classtime

Lupe, always smiling...

"Jair, John and Miguel Angel, also known as Spiderman."

Doing a craft along with the story of Noah, the ark and the rainbow...

Little by little we have been decorating the new children's church in San Marcos. It has been really fun to think up ideas and try and find materials that will work. We have butterflies and kites hanging from the ceiling, and flowers, sunshine and clouds on the walls. We're using this cool material that is a mix between foam and plastic. It comes in bright colors and has been a decorating life-saver.

Sunday with the church

Sunday morning worship.. We have a new projector!! It was wonderful to not have to use song books anymore. We encouraged clapping, but Peruvians for some reason do not have any rythmn! Oh well, we have plenty of time to practice.. hehe

Sunday School with Tio Edgardo. They've outgrown this room, there are sometimes 15 kids that attend on Sunday mornings!