Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Cusqueña wedding

we were delighted to have a wedding in our little church up in the hills. it was the first wedding we have held here and it was beautiful.

Our view at dusk

 Seeing as the "bride and groom" are in their 60's, they didn't want all the bells and whistles that usually accompany an event like this. There were maybe 15 people in attendance, some of whom did not have any "wedding" clothes to wear. I love that our church doesn't discriminate or demand that people come dressed up, not for service and not for a wedding. Unfortunately every other church I know that exists in Cusco does have a sort of dress code. Many "believers" won't attend a church or sit next to a person wearing "Yanquis" (Sandals made from recycled rubber, typical for the poor and those who work in the fields). 

by their faces you'd think they were at a funeral, but apparently Cusqueñans do the straight face for any formal photo. It is so hard to get them to smile, you say "whiskey! (cheese)" and they do this. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There are a handful of people I look up to, want to emulate, become like, strive toward having a heart/attitude like theirs. And the truth is, many of them aren't Christians. What does that say about the many Christians out there? Maybe it doesn't say much- but it does say something about me. I am not the same Christian I used to be.

I think living in an underdeveloped country might have to play into this. I no longer look up to people based on what they have or have achieved in life. on the contrary, I find myself drawn toward people that have lived some sort of sacrifice; maybe not the same sacrifice as us, but sacrifice nonetheless. Having or not having money does not matter - but rather the condition of peoples hearts.

A few persons I look up to were there for me selflessly, sacrificially... in the name of Love - but not necessarily in the name of God. Others are persons who are an example of unconditional faith, joy and love to others. Others still are constant, never-changing... not tossed about in the wind through times of adversity or world unrest. Somehow these "Christ-like" characteristics have become part of who they are... and whether they know it or not, they are a reflection of Christ to me.