Saturday, August 07, 2010

Date night

I love being a missionary and living in a place that is totally boring after a few months. It's been nearly five years. There is nothing to do in Cusco. Seriously. People come from all over the world and see this amazing, beautiful, ancient city and fall in love. They take their pictures, visit the pubs, drink the coca tea, see the sites and then go home. A few Europeans stay for a month or two to help out in an orphanage or some other "cool" needy place. But then they eventually go home too. We, on the other hand, stayed. And after five minutes you realize there is nothing to do here. Sometimes that can be a very good thing. Especially on days when we just go for long walks or read books or hang out with the fam. But there are other days, like yesterday, when you just want to get out and do something.

Wanna know what my idea of fun is? It's going to the LAN airlines office at 6pm (what a date!), wait for a half hour to be seen and then sit there for over an hour while the lady tries to make a change to our tickets. With the kids in tow. Both of them. I don't know why I torture myself. It seemed like a good "lets get out of the house for a half hour" idea. But then we were stuck there for way longer. Then I consoled myself saying this is a good lesson for Isabella to learn patience. Ha. She did.. and she was such a good girl, until the security guard closed the front door and the metal security gates. She cried. She thought we weren't going to get out. I was bored and said, hey we're gonna sleep here tonight, isn't that cool? She cried more. I finally explained that the guard has the keys and will let us out when we're done. What a FUN night. I'm sure you're jealous