Saturday, January 29, 2011

12 months with Milan

These last 12 months have gone by incredibly fast. Milan brings us so much joy... i can hardly remember what it was like before he came along ( I slept better, that's about all I can remember). This little guy has been on developmental fast-track ever since he came into this world at 9:09 on Jan 29th, 2010. It doesn't stop or calm down with this one! He is determined, which I love so much about him, and happy all the time.

I just loved all these photos of Milan, taken over this past year and wanted to share them here to celebrate his birthday with you. 

Happy 1st birthday my sweet boy, you light up our lives!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

a little of everything

our last four weeks have been full... my heart is content that our children are having a good time with family... as are we. 
Isabella with her daddy on Christmas Eve

All Milan wants to do is go outside

Brazil-7 Chile-7. These guys from Brazil work with Ambassadors in Sport, a ministry that is getting connected with the iam ministries in Chile. 

lookin' at the chickens

more futbol


i love watching Ricky play. it's been much too long since i've seen a game.

we've spent good times just like this, around the table with family.

our christmas shot, of course we couldn't get the kids in line... Milan doesn't like being held now that he can walk, and Isa wanted to hold a million things in her arms for the photo.

Cousins, Diego and Israel.. were visiting from the States. Diego is Isabella's favorite cousin. It's a little crush she has on him. Who wouldn't though? He's adorable

This is what I try to do as much as time allows. Any free moment my nose is in a good book.