Saturday, March 29, 2008

a day in Pisaq

We spent an afternoon in Pisaq with Edgardo and Pablo, the day before they left to go back home to Santiago. It was a beautiful day. Isabella had fun looking at all the colors.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


We are finally back home to Cusco. We are glad to be here, but it has been a tough week. Isabella adjusted to the altitude well, thankfully. I hardly noticed any difference in her behavior. But she had to adjust to the colder weather (and it's COLD indoors, no heating systems here). Only a few days after we arrived, she came down with her first cold, with a fever and congestion. Her fever is gone now and is feeling and sleeping better, but she is still congested. The poor thing. I think it's probably harder on us as parents than it is on her, but I feel so bad for her.

I also had to see a doctor this week and he put me on antibiotics. I am feeling better but Isabella started having a really upset tummy after nursing. I thought it was my diet at first, but now I really think it was from the antibiotics. I stopped taking them after 3 days, which was 2 days ago.

Please pray for Isabella. It's going to be different now that Edgardo and Pablo are leaving Cusco. I am taking back over the kids ministry. It seems like a daunting task, even though I had grown so accustomed to having 70+ kids each week. Now, with the baby, I really need prayer. Especially because the children are ALWAYS sick... last week one came with the chicken pox even. Being a new mom, I really have to fight my urge to overprotect Isa and just trust God with her health.

We also need to move out of the room we are renting in San Marcos. 1- it is much too small now, and 2- it is full of mold (after this rainy season) and 3- the walls are wet with humidity, since they are made of adobe and soak up all the rain, causing a sore, scratchy throat just after only a few moments inside.

But we thank God for His financial provision for us and the church. We are looking for a new and larger place in the same area, and we think we found one! It's an apartment. It isn't finished being constructed yet, but only lacks a few weeks more of work. Ricky talked with the owner and came to an agreement, and so Lord willing we will have a new church building in San Marcos, complete with a decent sized main room, 3 side rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom (and a view).

No matter what difficulties present themselves, the Lord always sustains us and gives us peace. We never have to worry because our needs are always before Him. We know that your prayers and supplication reach the feet of our Father in heaven and we trust in his promises to respond.

chao friends! more later, it's time for lunch

Saturday, March 08, 2008

more pics from la playa!

Such a happy baby

In the cabin...
In the sand...
Ricky's brother Angello with Maria Laura, they are getting married in May!
My suegros, Nina and Peter, enjoying the sun. Isabella likes to sleep in her carseat...and it keeps her out of the sun.
All the guys swam, but it was too cold for me... i'm a wuss. (ps, dont know who the guy in the foreground is, but it looks like he's saying hi)
playing with daddy
Now we're ready to get back home to Cusco. I miss it there so much and can't wait to see the kids and the people of the church. They are eager to meet Isabella too!
(Isa was 7 weeks old here)