Wednesday, September 01, 2010

from Cusco to Santiago

The rainy season decided to come a little early this year... while it was still not quite September we'd already had a few days of rain, the first of which caught us by surprise as the loud "gotas" dropped on our red tile roof, signaling what soon turned into a heavy downpour, out of the blue- literally.  Running to pull the clothes off the line before they got a second (undesired) rinse I saw the nice black cloud that finally blew in after four months of drought. Our rainy season in Cusco lasts six months a year. Apparently this year will be at least seven. Hesitation fills the hearts of our Peruvian friends, wondering if heavy rains will bring flooding like they did in January. We pray they don't.

Ricky and I feel lucky in a way to have escaped these early rains.... we are in Santiago. Chile! 
There are a few reasons for our trip, one of which is to celebrate Chile's 200th anniversary of independence!! We also were obligated to leave the country as our tourist visas were about to expire. We (still) are waiting for our Peruvian residency. It has been such a hassle patience-developing experience. I (Tracie), find myself praying for patience on a daily basis. Our children are the joy of our hearts and bless me with the opportunity to be patient all day. As I type this, I have been interrupted a hundred times! Milan is crawling and is discovering the stairs, wants to climb them, chases the dog, stands at the patio door, front door, coffee table, chairs, and grabs the plants, the dog, the lamp cords, the drawers... spit up carrot puree on the floor and knocked over Nina's plant. I cleaned it up (don't tell my mother in law) but i think you get the point. The last thing he wants is to be held. He loves discovering this new world that unfolds before him now that he can move around. 

Isabella is the most independent little girl I've ever known. She doesn't want help doing anything. She gets up in the morning and goes downstairs, turns on cartoons, tries to serve herself some milk, goes to the bathroom and wipes herself, and just now she laid herself down for a nap saying she was sleepy. It's like one moment they both need mommy and the next they don't. What is a mommy gonna do? I guess I'll just keep listening to Leeland and writing then.

I really thought we'd come to Santiago and discover that Spring is here! Not yet. We are totally spoiled by the weather in Cusco. It has been so beautiful the last several months. And even with the rains coming, the temperature will be quite mild. As a mother preparing the children's luggage, I kept going over in my head what will work for the weather, thinking it was much warmer in Santiago! I'm kind of kicking myself for not packing that extra sweater or warmer pj's. But we'll do fine with layering.... [way to go, mom.]

Chile's independence isn't the only reason we are here. We also are awaiting our upcoming meeting with the US Embassy to process Milan's report of birth abroad, since he was born here. We also are going to take advantage of the time, do some work on our property and visit with Ricky's dear aunt who is sick with cancer.

Though we've only been gone a few days, my mind drifts back to Cusco and I wonder how Bible study at Jorge's went last night. And I wonder if Ana and Grecia, teenagers, could solve their current drama without getting the families involved. And I do wonder if Grecia followed through with the threat of punching Ana in the face. 

Finally, Isabella is up from her nap and in the tub and Milan is sleeping. As for Ricky, he's helping his dad out with some things and as for me... who is that? I am not my own.