Thursday, September 20, 2007

friends from Chile and servants of God

This is Pablo. He has been to Cusco twice on short-term trips with teams from Santiago, Chile. He is the youth leader in the church of Libertad. He has followed a missionary call to serve 6 months here in Cusco, to be a leader of the church and children's ministry while we are away. He has a desire to serve long-term (2+ years) in Cusco. He also would like to use his time in Cusco to help prepare him for even longer term work in Africa in the future.

This is Edgardo. He came to Cusco with the first team from Chile in 2006. He has a love for children and is a fun guy. In this picture, he is acting in the drama, "creation", playing the part of Jesus. Edgardo is searching for God's will in his life and has heeded a call to come to Cusco for 6 months. Maybe he will find a longer-term call to missions while he is serving here.

Estamos muy contentos en recibir estos dos amigos de Chile. Ellos han mostrado sus corazones para las almas perdidas de Peru, a traves de varios viajes a Tacna y en el ultimo año, tambien aca a Cusco. Oren por sus necesidades fisicos, emocionales, espirituales y financiales. Que tienen mucho animo en estas ultimas semanas antes de su viaje. Confiamos en el Señor que él que comenzó la iglesia aca tiene todo el poder de seguir trabajando en las vidas de las personas, utilizando a Pablo y Edgardo. Confiamos en las habilidades y pasión de los dos y sabemos que el Señor va a hacer una obra completa en ellos y a traves de ellos.

Perdona mi español, seguramente he equivocado mucho!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is the most recent 3D ultrasound that was done at 24 weeks (6 months) along. We are still in suspense to know if it's a boy or a girl. But look at his/her little cheeks! So adorable. The face is filling out and getting chubbier. Baby weighs 530 grams, a little over a pound.

We are the happiest and most blessed that I could ever imagine possible. What a great time in life!!