Sunday, January 21, 2007

this one's for you Amy

I saw your dog the other day. Really it was him. I've seen him 3 times since you left. Every time is was after dark and he was walking or curled up on the street. I began to talk to him, like, "hey! Amy's dog, what are you doing out here at night, don't you have a home? go home!"

he is officially homeless...the poor thing. But i'm sorry I'm not about to bring him to my house. but he is pretty cute, and skinny! It just made me think that he probably still has dreams (or nightmares) about that day when he met you and followed all those blocks.. and then tragically lost you in the crowds of people.

i told him hi for you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

praying for growth in 2007

We are looking forward to the new year. And even though it's just a continuation of the year before, just a different day with a different title, each one of us has an opportunity to look back on the years passed and set new goals for the future.

The ministry in Cusco is nearing it's 1 year anniversary. The Lord has shown us and developed in our hearts His passion for the lost people of this city. In the above photo, you can see the group that we had at our home fellowship on Dec. 17th, the last meeting of the year. We are grateful for the work the Lord has done in the hearts of these individuals. We have and are seeing entire families come to know the Lord. It is such a blessing to be a part of. Julia started last April with our first official Bible study, since then her daughter, 15 yr old son, her parents, her sister-in-law and 10 yr old niece have all come into a new relationship with God. We are still praying for the consistency of her parents and sister-in-law.

We also are seeing Jose's family come to follow Christ. Last Sunday, January 14th, was the first time that the family was all in attendance together on the same day. Praise God! We are sharing with them about baptism and praying they will decided to take the next step. In the above photo you can see Jose nervously playing guitar, his first time playing during the time of worship on Sunday morning (Dec. 17th). He just began learning guitar with Ricky a few months ago and already is playing very well! We are praying that Jose will take his studies seriously; as he failed a few courses this last year. He has to do an equivalent of summer school this jan/feb so that he can continue onto the next grade in March. His mom took away his guitar for the time being... which we completely approve of, some things should be priority!

Victor has decided that this February, while the missions team is with us, that he would like to be baptized. He is looking forward to taking this step of faith. Victor says he wants do it in a river so that his old life being buried with Christ will wash away down the river. He understands the truth that it is symbolic, but I like his heart about the matter.

setting free the captives

(this shot was taken through the crack in the gate)

Ricky went to the Centro Juvenil de Marcavalle, a juvenile detention center, where he has been doing ministry since February of last year. He had to take a break from the Bible study with the boys for the last few months but they are now ready to have him back for 2007. Not only will he have a voluntary Bible study... he will expand his old Saturday morning futbol playing with the boys into futbol training every Wednesday afternoon.

I am so excited for this because it will involve Ricky in doing what he loves- sharing the gospel and playing soccer. He will train the boys who are the youngest and don't receive any form of coaching. Some of the kids who reach the age-limit of 20 have to move over to the prison. Serious stuff, huh?
I am always surprised whenever I visit with Ricky because the boys, anywhere between 13 and 20 yrs old, seem so innocent and young! But if you start talking to them you'll discover the reason why they are inside; for murder, rape, kidnapping, drug-trafficking and more. This is exactly what the Lord would have us do... minister to those in prison; to break the bonds and chains... to set captives free.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feliz 2007

Feliz Navidad


Happy 2007!

Christmas with la family en Chile!
...the in-laws...
I think I'm the most blessed woman to have such great suegros.

on writing....

so i haven't been too great about actually writing on our blog. i really want this thing to be informal and personal.. not just an update about the work we are doing, although the work is such a huge part of our lives, there is no way to leave it out. but i really want this to be a comfortable place where i can write and express myself.... the good times and the bad, without feeling like i have to protect the face of the ministry. that's so easy to do... protect it...and by that i mean not talk about the bad/difficult things, but just focus on the good stuff. it's good to be positive, but it's realistic to express the ups and downs, especially so if any prayer warrior is out there reading what we're going through they may be lead to pray more specifically... which is great!