Sunday, May 10, 2009

at the farmers market

Our first Saturday here in our new apartment, Ricky mentioned that there is a feria (a farmers market) right around the corner. So we decided to check it out. I imagined a nice little street with a few farmers here and there selling their goods.

leaving the house...
my little sweet pea...

As we turned the corner..i imagined a small street with a few farmers selling theirs goods. but we discovered...

the biggest feria in all of Cusco

there were vendors from all over the region.
The famous large round breads from the Oropesa adobe ovens, to fruits from the jungle of Quillabamba. There were thousands of large sacks of potatoes featuring hundreds of different varieties. Other campesinas with piles of various types of flour; trigo to kiwicha, quinoa to avas and coca flour. While others sold spices like cinnamon by the trunk, palillo (which is like Saffron), and raw sugar. Other camesinos sat among their harvested fruits, vegetables and wild flowers.

Cucumber, apples, red bell peppers and red onions
everything home grown... organic and pesticide free for the most part

oranges and bananas

This interesting fruit is very large with a bumpy hard shell. It is a fruit that comes from the jungle and is commonly known as Pan de la Selva "Jungle bread". She gave me try and it was delicious, tasting of pineapple mixed with banana.

leafy lettuce...

more vegetables... almost anything you could want or need for a really low price... and this woman was even still smiling while all bundled up on a really hot day!

Finally we came home with a week's worth of vegetables. We got all this for less than 5 dollars