Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry Christmas

Dear friends and loved ones,

It has been quite a year for us! From getting settled into our new home in Chile, Isabella turned 5 in January, she started (and finished) kindergarten; Milan turned 3 in January and is growing into an amazing little person who lights up our lives each day; to the birth of Mateo in February, and dealing with several months of bronchitis and pneumonia, from which we are very thankful that God has healed him of and now he is very healthy! To celebrating 8 years of marriage, and to us searching the ways God wants to use us in ministry here in Chile. We had a rough start with dealing with the illness in my (Tracie's) eyes and the sadness of having to leave our home in Peru, but with happiness in our hearts we see the church in Cusco grow and see how God's hand has been present in our lives throughout. 

A new chapter begins as we have been selected by the elders of our local church to take over as the new pastors. What came as an unexpected turn of events, we accept this new role with utmost gratitude and humility, knowing that God has wonderful things in store for our church, "Libertad" (which is the name of the community where it is located and also means "freedom" in Spanish). We are blessed to serve among some of the most amazing people and followers of Jesus. This new role is not a paid position and will begin in January of 2014. It Ricky will continue serving with Ambassadors in Sport. We ask that you pray for us continually. We thank God for you each time we remember you in our conversations and prayers. We hope to see you face to face in 2014.  

With joy in celebrating the birth of our Savior and King, Merry Christmas!

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