Sunday, November 20, 2011

November newsletter

Olivares family update
Cusco, Peru
Nov. 19, 2011

This week we have been busy with a medical team from Canada. The clinic went well and the team was able to help hundreds of people. Things have been pretty stressful the last several weeks trying to get all the permits and letters we needed in order for the doctors and medicine to enter the country, but thankfully, and thanks to your prayers, they were permitted to enter the country. On the first day of the clinic, the Ministry of Health came and inspected everything and gave us the go ahead. The team is now taking some leisure time to visit Machu Picchu before heading back home next week.

About a week ago, Ricky and Jorge met with the community president about the land. The meeting didn’t result exactly as we hoped. He basically told us (after three months of telling us otherwise) that the land isn’t available to give to the church without first going through the municipality and changing some of the legal jargon. He seems willing to going through the hassle of changing it, but hasn’t set any sort of date as to when he can do that. But he did promise to help us in our search for a church location. It hasn’t been an easy process but we have faith that God will provide. We have faith because first of all, He has always provided and second, His children, the church, desire their own location with the space they need for ministry, community activities and for a business that will help sustain it. Our current location is just too small!

Christmas Party
We hope you got our recent letter about the Christmas party. Plans are being made and the next weeks will fly by. As you read in our previous letter, we need to raise support to pay for the two parties with the children of Cusco and Sangarara as well as festivities with the adults. Our need is for $2,000 in total. Please pray about helping our children in Peru have a wonderful Christmas this year!*

Our family is well… Milan is almost 21 months and Isabella is 3 and 10 months. Isabella is quite the artist and has such a wonderful imagination. She has discovered a joy for photography recently and is learning to play the piano. Milan is Isabella’s biggest fan, loves music and likes to climb on everything. Ricky… likes long walks on the beach… in the rain… just kidding.

Thank you for your prayer, love and words of encouragement!
Tracie, Ricky, Isabella and Milan

*If you would like to make a donation to the Christmas party, make checks payable to: Iberoamerican Ministries and attach a note directing it to the “Olivares Christmas Project”. Send to: IAM PO BOX 1493, Monroe, WA 98272

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a medical team

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the medical team. They will be here on Sunday. The majority have already (or are about to) leave their homes in Canada. They will meet up with the rest of the team tomorrow morning in Seattle, WA. Then they'll come down to Lima and Sunday morning will fly to Cusco. This year is the fourth of fifth year in a row that we've hosted them. Each year there are several new people, doctors and nurses. We also get to see some familiar faces, people that we love dearly and who love us too! 

Thanks ony to God we haven't ever had issues with the team bringing in a whole pharmacy worth of medicine. But each year it's a nerve-wracking time.... getting letters, signatures, official stamps, etc. For the last 6 weeks we have been trying to get these letters from the Red Cross and Ministry of Health. And if we weren't already aware from previous experiences (in trying to get residency for example, which we still don't have after 7 years, nor will we ever) that most official processes work backwards and in slow-motion, this one has gone above and beyond to test our patience. I will save you the details... Thank god, you say! 

So if you have ever been on a mission trip, a medicial mission trip, have ever lived outside your country or have just traveled here and there or have just been to the DMV, you may have experienced situations that test your patience and faith in humanity! Pray for us, that today (the deadline) we will get the last letter. 

And not only that we get the letter to the team in time for their arrival, but that when they pass through customs that the customs officials are in a good mood and approve the letters... and let them bring in all the boxes of medicine. 

And then not only that, but that on Monday morning when the clinic is scheduled to begin, that the Ministry of Health people show up on time to review all our medicines and that they allow the clinic to go ahead and start!

We are also receiving a team of five translators from Tacna, Peru. Pray they'll have a relatively comfortable, 18 hour bus ride -without any problems. We are looking forward to having them too!

And now to rest a bit. We spent the whole morning in the hot burning sun climbing up and down the stairs passing out flyers and sticking them to doors. I with a 20 or 25 pound baby on my back (it could have been 40 pounds for all I know.. I don't know how much he weighs). I realized a few things. I either must be out of shape or that kid is really heavy. And sweating (when not intentionally working out) is just gross.. i haven't done that in while.