Sunday, February 28, 2010

8.8 earthquake chile

thank you for all your concern and prayers. we are safe... and thankful to be alive. the quake was so intense that we barely had time to get up, grab the kids and get to the bedroom door, but the house was shaking so hard and the stairway was twisting so strongly that we couldn't get downstairs. we could only hold onto each other and pray. i truly thought the 2nd floor was going to crumble underneath our feet.  thank God we are well. our family too. the church of Libertad suffered some damage, broken windows the roof of the outside patio fell and the wall surrounding the entire property fell.

We do not have phone connection, internet or electricity for the time being. We will try to send updates as soon as possible

Tracie, Ricky, Isabella and Milan

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still living in tents

Still living in tents: A post-flood Cusco update from the town of Lucre

Andrew Dare, a photographer living in Cusco, sent an update following his original reporting from the flooded rural areas in Cusco's Sacred Valley.

Residents in the town of Lucre are living in tents. Their possessions are gone, and they are living off of donated goods. The people seemed optimistic, but there's serious concern about what they will live off in the not-so-distant future.

Video of Cusco

Please click on this link to see a video of recent photos from Cusco, the Sacred Valley and surrounding areas. I couldn't get a direct link to work, so when you get to the page, on the top right side is a video link called "help Cusco today"... that's the video. Scroll over the video to click to make it full screen

This video makes me cry. I guess I know what it means to the people who live there and how this is affecting their lives. They have a hard life as it is, without something like this adding to their difficulties. I love them and hurt for them. We are looking forward to going home to our brothers in Peru