Friday, March 25, 2011

another test for the week

Six days after my eye was better, I had another relapse (this is the third time since Nov). This time it wasn't quite as painful or long-lasting, but my vision is still significantly impaired in that eye. I went to the ophthalmologist. Its looking like I have a condition that in my case is caused by the environment here in Cusco, called Keratitis Sicca.

The weather in Cusco is extremely dry (even during the rainy season, if that makes sense) and this city, as of 2006, is considered the city with the highest UV radiation in the world. My condition has caused cracks and scarring on my cornea, which affects the vision, and gives the severe pain and burning. There is no clear cure for this, just try to control the environmental factors and treat the symptoms. The doctor told me I need to stay out of the sun, the wind, the dust, the heat, the cold and away from heaters, hairdryers, air conditioners, fans and anything else (like tv, computer and reading books) that could aggravate my condition. And yes, he was totally serious! I almost laughed because he is basically telling me I need to stay inside. all the time. Oh, and I am not allowed to wear contact lenses anymore... at least not while in Cusco.

Our environment in Cusco is hot, dry, sunny, windy, cold and super dusty, with lots of smog from too many taxis.... is he really saying I need to stay away from all this? I'm a little discouraged at this point and looking forward to following his directions for this week, using the medicine and going back to see him next week. I hope it's gotten better and I can at least go back to wearing contact lenses and leaving my house.

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