Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blessed Changes

After nearly a year of meetings and waiting, and after finally being approved to receive the land, God closed the door. Can you believe it? Well, what could have been a discouraging situation, has turned into a huge blessing, because God opened another door that very same week. And a much better one at that! 

But first, we’ll share what happened: The latest association meeting didn’t go the way we expected and although we aren’t invited to attend those meetings, a sister from the church does. And she told us what the new proposition would have been. The “free” land originally consisted of us receiving half the land that belongs to them based on the idea that we build (on their half) a community center. According to the current land value, it was a good deal for us and even with construction costs, would have been less expensive in the end. But in this latest association meeting, the idea was proposed and accepted by many to “give” us the land for eight years, we still build on their part as well as our own, but after the eight years, the land would be taken back and we would have to start paying rent. Does that even make sense? It’s total nonsense. 

Earlier that same week we were approached with the notice that the neighboring association also has a piece of land, which is for sale. After negotiation, the land will cost $33,000 USD. It is nearly double the size of the other. Aside from that, the association has all their paperwork in order to make the deal totally legal (whereas the other still does not have things in order) and we aren’t expected to build anything except 
our own. And if that wasn’t good enough, this land has vehicle access (huge bonus!) because it’s right on the road, which reduces the building costs and the amount/time of labor. There is a restaurant in the area that is also interested in buying this land (because of the incredible view), but the president wants it to belong to the church, as he knows the church will bring blessing to the people. However, we have had to move quickly. God has given us a great peace about the change and all the leaders of the church in Cusco are in accord.

The purchase will be finalized this month. We need the minimum of $16,500 to make the down payment and soon after we need to pay the other $16,500. From that point we can start building immediately. Our building costs will be roughly $40-50,000. Please pray about how you help us purchase the land and start building. In faith we move ahead, knowing that God gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.

In grace and peace,
Ricky, Tracie and the lil’ ones

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