Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Autumn.. and back to school!

We have just begun the Autumn season.. which means Summer is over and the kids are back in school. Ricky and I had a heart to bless the kids from our children's ministry with school supplies.

Each gift included 2 large and 1 small lined notebook, pencils, colored pencils, glue and an eraser. The value of each package was about 15 Soles ($5 US dollars), but for many families this is an extra expense that they can't afford; and some families have 5 or more school-age kids. Some of these families only make between $30-50 US dollars per month. So, for us it was a small expense with huge benefits.

The looks on their faces was priceless!! We got them all seated and fairly quiet, and Ricky explained that we (as the church and in Jesus' name) want to bless them with something special since school has just started. When they saw the notebooks they all started screaming and yelling with excitement.. "oooohhh Tiiiiooo! Te quiero, te quiero te quieroooOO!" (translated: ooh uncle, i love you i love you i love you!) It was precious.

The most special moment came afterwards, when one of the little girls' mom came up to us, almost in tears. She said, "God answered my prayers. My husband left us and stopped sending money to help pay for the 2 girls. I am not working and so I had no idea how I was going to get school supplies. This came at just the right time. God answered my prayer"

Praise God

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

with friends...

Here we are with our friends, Jason and Coralee. They have been traveling the world for the last several months, visiting churches and ministries all over. We were blessed to have them. It was an encouragement to us, especially to me... to be able to have some great woman to woman conversation. I think the guys were surprised (and reminded) that women can talk.. and talk.. and talk.. haha. It was fun.

This photo is when we took them up to San Marcos; where we have children's ministry. They were also able to join us on that Saturday afternoon with the kids.. and we put them to work! They also joined us on Sunday morning for our house church service.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Team Chile Feb 2007

The team from Santiago, Chile was with us for just about two weeks. We felt it was important for the team to help bless, build and grow the current ministries in Cusco rather than do something new; especially since they were only a small group of five.


The team served different days at Hogar Amantani, the orphanage where Ricky and I have been serving for the last year off and on, as well as bringing past teams.

In addition to helping out wherever they were needed (because the orphange was short on volunteers this month), they had one day with special activities and a Bible lesson for the kids.

It was also a blessing when the team decided they wanted to spend one of their free mornings over at the orphanage to paint all the play ground equipment!

We shared with the team several times how important it was for them to just sit and hold the babies, to give them love and attention. This particular orphanage does a wonderful job; Ricky and I both feel like the kids are treated well, fed well, and loved well. But the reality is that when there are more than 10 babies who are less than 8 months old (not counting the other age groups), they don't receive all the attention that they need. There were a few newborns, less than 2 weeks old. We pray that these children (and the older kids as well!) will be adopted some day soon into good, loving homes.

Juvenile Detention Center

We took the team to perform their skit, to share one of the guys' testimonies and to talk with the boys in the center. It went really well and several boys came forward to pray with Ricky and Pablo to accept Christ. Some of these boys are the same ones from last year who also came forward... so we are hoping that their decisions are real and heart-felt. We are sure God can and is willing to change the lives of those who seek Him. Ricky will continue ministry in the center by holding a small Bible study group on a weekly basis as well as play soccer with the boys once a week.


Last August, the team from Santiago spent some time at the hospital visiting because one of the guys from the team got ill and had to spend 4 days there. It was a blessing in disguise because the team was able to visit many people. They wanted to return to the same hospital this time around as well, so they brought some small gifts and made animal balloons for the sick and recovering children.


During the children's summer vacation, we spent each afternoon for 5 days with special activities, puppet shows, games, music, dancing and Bible lessons.

5 fruits of the Spirit was the theme for the week, each day focusing on one fruit. By the end of the week, some of the children were able to win prizes for remembering not only all 5 fruits, but also each story that was told in accordance with them. The children also were encouraged to memorize the classroom rules.
There were certain questions that the children asked, and it made me so proud that the kids could get the right answer! Like when they would ask who is Jesus, they knew He is our Savior and the Son of God. There were several times that I felt so proud that the Word of God has been sinking into their hearts over this last year... and they remember! Praise God.

We were especially blessed to have several of the mom's join us for all five days. These woman are not yet at a place where they want to be helpers with the children, but they are at a place where they are excited and willing to join the adult Bible study group that we are going to begin this year.