Thursday, July 10, 2014

When the devil hits you with a car

Isn't it ironic how when a believer in Jesus finally makes that decision to follow and serve Him that same time an attack of the enemy comes along, tries to plants seeds of doubt, cause pain and ultimately a scarred or severed relationship with Him?

Jasna, a woman who has been in our church for a long time and has participated with the women's group finally made the commitment to lead one of the nights of the women's Bible study. She mentioned she was nervous; not ready to speak in front of the group and even less lead it. But God gave her the power to say she'd give it a shot. She has a heart for the Lord and is ready to take a step of faith and get past the nervousness to share with the other women. Amazing, right?What a big step toward maturity in the faith!

But then the devil came along and tried to mess things up. Jasna and her two kids got hit by car today! I know, crazy. Her kids got little bumps, and Jasna may have a fractured wrist, but all in all, the Lord kept them safe.

Why does that always happen? When we are comfortable, not making much of a difference for the kingdom, he just leaves us alone. But when we start acting on our faith, making progress in our walk with God and start serving Him, the devil comes to wreak havoc. I'm not sure if Jasna will teach the class tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see. Pray she does! And that she doesn't get disheartened.