Friday, March 25, 2011

another test for the week

Six days after my eye was better, I had another relapse (this is the third time since Nov). This time it wasn't quite as painful or long-lasting, but my vision is still significantly impaired in that eye. I went to the ophthalmologist. Its looking like I have a condition that in my case is caused by the environment here in Cusco, called Keratitis Sicca.

The weather in Cusco is extremely dry (even during the rainy season, if that makes sense) and this city, as of 2006, is considered the city with the highest UV radiation in the world. My condition has caused cracks and scarring on my cornea, which affects the vision, and gives the severe pain and burning. There is no clear cure for this, just try to control the environmental factors and treat the symptoms. The doctor told me I need to stay out of the sun, the wind, the dust, the heat, the cold and away from heaters, hairdryers, air conditioners, fans and anything else (like tv, computer and reading books) that could aggravate my condition. And yes, he was totally serious! I almost laughed because he is basically telling me I need to stay inside. all the time. Oh, and I am not allowed to wear contact lenses anymore... at least not while in Cusco.

Our environment in Cusco is hot, dry, sunny, windy, cold and super dusty, with lots of smog from too many taxis.... is he really saying I need to stay away from all this? I'm a little discouraged at this point and looking forward to following his directions for this week, using the medicine and going back to see him next week. I hope it's gotten better and I can at least go back to wearing contact lenses and leaving my house.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a new day

Today, my eye feels almost totally better! but I didn't go to the doctor. I still haven't recovered my vision completely but the pain is gone, thankfully. Losing vision is probably pretty serious. I know it is. But i try not to think about that, since we are in Peru and the medical care here isn't good. I will let them touch my teeth... but not my eyes...

The kids are well today. Healthy... all week!!

And today, Ricky fixed my computer! He's the best husband ever

little blessings make me happy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a time of testing

so sorry for the long absence from blogging... as if i really need to explain myself to all of you, but i really do want you to know what we've been up to recently. we've been back home now for over a month.

we have all been sick since the very day we got home, until now. if not one., then the other, then Ricky, then me...then a combination of... seriously. and we've had some weird totally unexplainable sicknesses, fevers, throwing up/down, whatever you like. this week it's been my turn. i have unexplainable pain and burning in my right eye. There's nothing stuck in there and there's no infection. But it feels like someone rubbed in a few onions and then topped it off with a red chili pepper and a squirt of shampoo. i have lost partial vision in that eye, serious lght sensitivity and a headache to top it off wth. I squint as I write this and take breaks every couple minutes because it hurts that bad. This is day 4. We tried going to the doctor this morning. Conventiently he is out of town til Monday. I'm prayng it gets better by then.

Anyway, I also have been away from blogging because my dear son, whom I love beyond words, broke my laptop. He has this thing with giving a super sweet kiss and then promptly following it up with a hard smack, usually across the side of your head. how to teach him to stop this behavior (or the biting) is a whole other blog topic (any tips?). This particular smack was aimed for the laptop which knocked it out of Ricky's hands and onto the floor. Oh, so I'm using this old donated laptop that is like at least 5 years old, It has a little pet virus or something that makes it select everything while using the mouse. and the keyboard doesnt work too well either.

i've taken over the children's ministry again this year. i'm tryng not to get all stressed out. Ricky is so great though, if it weren't for him I dont' know what I'd do. we've been hearing a lot lately about kidnapping children to sell them over the black market, and even child slave labor (5 kids were just rescued about 15 minutes from our house after being kidnapped, they were in route to Madre de Dios, the Amazon to work in the gold mines) Yikes. I've been watching my own children like a hawk and have this (probably unreasonable)  fear of being seperated from them, for even a moment.

On top of all this, we recently found out that our landlady is going to sell our house which means moving again! We're praying it doesn't sell right away (or at least for the next few years). They are asking $300k for this house btw, whch is CRAZY expensive. If you've seen our house you'd know it wasn't worth that! We can't even take hot showers, we have a water pressure issue. I will tell you the truth, my kids only bathe about once a week. The process involves boiling several pots of water to fill a little plastic tub that we still try and squeeze both kids into at the same time. It's a funny sight really and I should get a photo. I, on the other hand, will not tell you how often I shower. But let me just say that the water here (in the Andes Mountains, 11,400 feet in altitude.. is COLD). And why would the landlords want to fix the water situation knowing they are just going to sell the house?

I have a hunch that I am going through a time of testing... Really, all this is happening at the same time for some reason, no? i'm tryng to be faithful. but truly, i'm just trying to keep my sanity and focus on being a good mother and not go all crazy on my kids. If it weren't for Ricky I would have gone off the deep end a long time ago. That man has an amazing way of grounding me and bringing joy to my life!!! He truly is an example of Christ to us, is an excellent father and servant