Monday, September 01, 2008

Road trip to Chile

Here we are at one of the highest points... over 14,000 feet. It was pretty cold

Look at the glacier. It was gleaming in the sun. It looked like cake frosting. Now I know why we have the term "glaze"

Isabella after 5 hours of driving... still smiling

We made it to Juliaca, a very disorganized town. This photo doesn't even show close what it was really like, but part of the time I had to put the camera down and roll up the windows cause I thought we were going to get jumped! haha, not really. Between Juliaca and Arequipa we were stopped by the police 7 times. And only until the return trip did they ask for money to let us go.

After 10 hours of driving the first day we made it to Arequipa. We went to the plaza de armas and had dinner. This shot is of the cathedral on the plaza, it is very different than the usual Peruvian cathedrals. We went inside, everything was marble. Very colonial. Very beautiful.

Arequipa Plaza de Armas. Love the palms. Our plaza in Cusco doesn't have trees. They were all cut down so the turists could get better pictures of Cathedrals.

Isabella took a nap... she was so tired after the long drive

Colonial Architecture

Having dinner

Very "modern" in comparison to Cusco.

Lovely at night

this cathedral was just incredible

After 5 hours the following day, we finally arrived to Tacna.

It just so happened that Tacna was celebrating the city's anniversary when we were there.

After cruising across the border and into Chile.

In Arica... loving the sun. They call Arica the land of the eternal spring.

arriba del Morro de Arica

Love my girl

Gosh we missed the beach!

Isa taking a nap in my arms... she is such a good girl

It was windy!

Finding one to take home

Daddy and baby in their hoodies
Feet in the sand! This was her first time feeling the sand in her toes

She loves her daddy

they look alike don't they?

Isabella's first time down the slide

It's about nap time, she had a long day

asleep in the stroller, i felt so bad she was all slumped over, but I just had to capture this shot.

And back to Tacna... we met up with the Chipoco family! We went for ceviche, mmm.

My peruvian mom and sisters when I lived in Tacna.

Here we are with husbands too.
With Tia Paty in Tacna, wearning the beanie she made for Isabella

With some of the kids in Tacna, it was nice seeing old friends

Back on the road again, to head back home. Isabella likes her new books! Gracias Mark y Mony!

Well, that was our journey. It was exhausting, but we had a good time. Isabella got her Tuberculosis vaccination while we were there, though we didn't get pictures of that, the poor thing. We also renewed our visas. I am so glad to be home again and not looking forward to another road trip again for another year or so. We leave again in 2 weeks for Santiago, Chile to complete Isabella's citizenship/registration in Chile. We are really excited to see Ricky's family and they are even more excited to see Isa! Although this time we are going by plane. thank you Lord!