Friday, November 09, 2012

November update

Olivares family update
Oct/Nov 2012


We’ve been in transition for what feels like ages, but we finally got a house this week! Unfortunately it wasn’t well taken care of, so we are working hard to fix it up, cleaning and painting, etc. We hope to move in before Thanksgiving.

Isabella and Milan continue to bring us lots of joy and laughter. They both are very excited for the arrival of their baby brother, who is expected in mid-February. I have been well during my pregnancy, except for getting hypothyroidism, which is quite common. We had a small pause in regular life last week as Ricky’s wallet was stolen and he had to go through the hassle of cancelling and renewing everything. And we watched the damage of Sandy and the drama of the presidential elections and pray always for the very best for our friends and family in the States.

Ricky is a busy man, with the house and traveling to and from Cusco each month. But these visits have been such an essential part of our transition as he has had important meetings with the leadership over the land purchase, has attended baptisms and has encouraged the congregation. We are seeing now how the church is reaching out and starting a new work of its own!

LIVING WATER in Tambomachay
There is a little old town just outside of Cusco, called Tambomachay. It is a place where there are Incan ruins with a natural spring of water that comes out of the rocks. The water is clear, naturally filtered and never runs dry. Long ago, it was the bathing place of the great Inca. One of the leaders of our church works by selling handicrafts to the tourists who visit these ruins. Day after day, he would see the small town just down the road and saw there was a desire for Jesus. So a few months ago, he and the other leaders of the church gathered together to bring a songs, dance and a Bible lesson to the children of the town.

The story gets even better! A long time ago, the townspeople built a beautiful little adobe chapel, with the intention of holding Catholic mass there. The problem is, the priest never showed up. Now, aside from the occasional burial service, the building goes completely unused. When the people saw the church holding children’s activities, they made the decision to loan the building to them to use, free of charge. Services and activities are held on Sunday afternoons. Many people from the congregation in San Marcos go to help out. And now, we are seeing Living Water, the water that truly never runs dry, come to Tambomachay.

The land/building project is still going full speed, with our first phase almost completed! This month, November, we need to reach the 80% mark for the purchase of the land, according to the contract of sale. In October we had only reached the 50% marker… but thanks to a last minute donation from Christ’s Church of the Valley, we are now at 77.5%. Please pray about helping us this month to reach the 80% goal! If you read this newsletter and aren’t already a faithful supporter, we ask that you’d consider sending a one time donation of just $20 this month to help us reach our goal.

Lastly but not least, Christmas time is quickly approaching! We are blessed to hold our annual Christmas party in Cusco for more than 150 children. This year there will be two parties, one in San Marcos and the other in Tambomachay. As you know, celebrating the birth and love of Jesus through gift giving and celebrations is a wonderful tool to show God’s love to these kids who receive very little this time of year.

Every year, as the party approaches we ask in faith that God will provide for a party, and He has, usually only days before the party but never late. His timing is perfect. We know this year will be no different. If you have served with us in Peru before or just love children, or simply love God, we ask you to help make the party a reality this year!

It is such a blessing for us to continue serving in Cusco from a distance and we love the people there with all our hearts. We thank God for you, for your love and support and words of encouragement that we’ve received during these last few months.

With peace and love,
Tracie, Ricardo, Isabella, Milan and baby

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