Saturday, December 23, 2006

and a feliz Navidad it was

Aqui hay muchas fotos de la fiesta de navidad con los niƱos de San Marcos...

Alvaro and Jairo...

More photos coming soon....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

ho ho ho

These kids are gonna have a blast at the party! We are so excited to have gotten all the gifts. We had a wrapping party the other day, and got all the gifts wrapped. There are over 100 gifts in total. The soccer balls are for the older boys. For the younger boys we got action figures, trucks and army guys. For the older girls we got cute diaries (that come with lock and key). For the younger girls we got dolls that are just like the Bratz collection, which I guess is really popular around here. For the little ones and babies we got really nice stuffed dolls/animals.

We also have boxes full of snacks and party favors, candies, cookies, juice boxes, etc. We have ordered 120 pastries that are a personal sized version of the Christmas bread, called Paneton, that is very special during the Christmas season.

This past Saturday there were more than 60 kids in attendance. Thankfully our friend, Milton, from Tacna, came to stay with us for the next week to help us out. He took time away from work as an architect to come serve God alongside us. He came at the perfect time, to help with the children and the upcoming Christmas party.

We received just over $1,000 toward the Christmas project. It will be just enough to cover the costs of the gifts, wrapping supplies, decorations, and food. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated toward this project. I am positive that the children of San Marcos (and the surrounding communities) are going to be so blessed. I can't wait! We will take tons of pictures so stay tuned!

I made Ricky get a santa hat... isn't he cute? hehe